Things that make you go humm …

I’ve been looking around on this world wide web and looking at some different blog posts. Some even from people that I have spoken with on occasion and somehow they still really manage to totally blind side me from time to time!

How can one person who seems so nice and easy to get along with all of a sudden post a very nasty and one sided group of posts? Cruel even in some instances. I guess it’s easier to say nasty things under the anonymity of the computer and internet. It certainly doesn’t make it right though.

I guess that’s another good reason I decided to make this blog much more even in tone. There is plenty of nastiness and negativity out there, I have no need or right even to add to it. My life is great, why dwell on what may have happened in the past if only to bring sorrow and anger? If you can’t fix it or really have no intention of fixing it then just let it go! I for one have spent plenty of time dealing with crap from the past because at the time I had no choice. Well I have a choice now, and I choose to stop letting it rule me and to be happy! 🙂






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