Raining, no snowing, no wait …what?

It started off raining this morning and I was ready for that. I put my sunshine on the inside and was ready to face my day. Many people don’t like rainy days they think only of the things you can’t do but I like to think about the things you can do.

Although it is a February rain so I think I’ll stick to indoor activities! Perhaps a fireplace and good book paired with a warm fuzzy blanket and a glass of red wine.

Yes that would appear to be a better choice anyway since now the rain has changed to snow! 😀 Funny thing is I know a few people who would honestly turn this into a real life problem! It would change their day and basically ruin it. Sad really more then funny.

It is funny how many times I hear someone talking about happiness and that they can’t make someone happy, the person has to choose it for themselves, all very true. So why is it that you are waiting on something to make you happy? Why can’t you just choose to be happy for yourself regardless of weather or people or place even? Your happiness depends on your choosing just as theirs depends on their choice. Happiness is a state of being, not a place or an activity, it is not money or pretty things it is simply a choice!

I know it is my choice!





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