Some people ….

I know I shouldn’t be this way but I get so annoyed with people who just don’t seem to want to listen to you AFTER they have asked you the question in the first place! You spend your time and energy trying to explain something to them and they nod and smile but for whatever reason they really are not listening .

Then months later they come back to you with something they found somewhere that is pretty much exactly what you have been saying all along. They disregard your words because of some notion they have that you know it all, or know too much or are just to sure of yourself, whatever their hangup is they put it on you. But then to come back to you with the same darn information and act like it is a new revelation? And your what, supposed to act surprised or impressed?

I’m sorry if you (these other people) can’t handle the fact that I do have a high level of intelligence, that I do pay attention and put things together quickly and can figure things out that most struggle with. I’m sorry if you feel that makes you less then or uncomfortable about yourself in some way but I DID NOT do anything wrong. I have not offered opinions unless asked, I have not tried to interfere with your life and I don’t appreciate you acting as though I am the bad guy.

I think the problem is you know I’m right and you can’t stand that you didn’t get it or don’t get it. I’m not trying to make you feel bad so stop asking and then disregarding me, or worse go find something out there that is similar after I already told you in the first place and then preach it off to everyone else around like this is news and no one ever mentioned it before … my thoughts, my ideas, stop trying to ‘steal my thunder’ as they say! I don’t appreciate it.

I don’t talk or act like I am better then anyone else – if that is the way you feel that is your issue, not mine. Instead of taking my thoughts and passing them off as your own, or trying to make me sound like a know it all, why don’t you try working on your own self confidence and self esteem?  Why don’t you try working on your maturity level …


Not such a cheerful post, but a vent today!




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