Where to start ….

Oh boy, where to start with this one. Well I know this is a ridiculous notion but since I get no actual views or people following on this site I kind of had it in my mind that no one else saw my words here.

Silly right? But it happened… So I never really tried to explain much of where my ideas were coming from or why or even tag them in a list that made any sense to what they were. It felt like they were just hiding in plain site and no one was bothering to look.  Until I got some ‘likes’ ….. whoa!!!

So maybe I’ll start to explain a little more on here about what or why I am writing and it will make better sense to anyone who happens upon it …. And if you are one of those who is happening upon it, please let me know. This site is a bit of a vent, a bit philosophical and a bit of an artistic expression for me, I’d love to get feed back.

So today’s topic of choice is my poor little Rotti puppy dog! Well not much of a puppy any more, she is 2 1/2 years old and suffers from degenerative joint disease. We found out when she was about 1 year. Today she went outside to do her business as usual and all of a sudden came back into the house limping, really bad. We put her on glucosamine and chondroitin as well as omegas a couple years ago now and she has been doing really well, until today.

So forward along a couple hours and she is still limping and even worse, a vet trip and x-rays later we have pills to give her and we await the results from the specialist as to what we need to do next….. and as much as I don’t mind doing for my pet I’m left with the thought in my head of really??? Come on world ….

Let me explain, we have always ‘rescued’ our pets and we have a lot of them, but it seems that the dogs we end up with from one spot or another always have issues and always cost us a fortune! The first Rotti we rescued from the shelter seemed fine but 4 months, 4 grand and lots of tears later we found out he had dilated cardiomyopathy and went from looking okay to gone up to heaven in less then 3 weeks! The kids were devastated, we were beside ourselves and nothing could have helped …. it was crushing.

There are two more dogs and two more traumatic stories in between and then we get to this Rotti who also has issues as described above and now we have more vet bills and more doggy pain to try and deal with and face on a daily basis. So there she lays, poor thing in pain from her accident and from the prodding to try and figure out what happened and how to fix it and here I sit wondering ….. why does this always seem to happen here? I mean I know I will do everything in my power to help those in my care, including the fury creatures …. but how is it that I have had so many ‘bad luck’ stories?

Are we just not meant to have a dog and just haven’t gotten the message? Or are we the safe haven for those in need …? Some times it can be confusing.





3 thoughts on “Where to start ….

  1. Unfortunately (or fortunately at least for the dogs’ short time spent in your care) you’ve chosen a breed that suffers commonly from hip / elbow dysplasia, heart defects and similar health conditions and problems you describe.

    Irresponsible breeders that don’t care for health checks and clearances will churn out puppies with these problems and given that many if not all yours have been rescues; my guess is that you’ve seen and are dealing with the fallout.

    I don’t agree that you’re “not meant to have a dog” despite how it must feel for you. On the contrary, I’d suggest you’re meant to help these particular dogs live out their lives in an environment that is as comfortable, safe, secure and loving as it can be.

    It takes a very particular, selfless sort of person to put themselves through what is an incredible amount of hard work and inevitable, incredible heartbreak in order to do right by dogs they take on.

    You’re one such person. Go easy on yourself. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!
      I guess I had never really looked at it that way but I guess you are right, I have kind of picked a breed, or breeds and they are the fallout of those irresponsible people who are more invested in money than in life …. seems to be a theme with us, picking the ones that no one else understands!
      And you are right, all of our pets have been found in shelters, under porches or brought over by someone who saw them on the street and didn’t know what to do with them.


      1. Usually the case I’m afraid 😦 Doesn’t make it any easier but I sense you’ve taken on that role and will no doubt keep it up and bring many more dogs much deserved love and affection – even if it does mean bringing heartache to your door.


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