EEEK! We have rats!

LOL Just kidding, well about the eek part, we do have rats, I’m babysitting them! 😀 A friend’s daughter has pet rats and she only trusts them to me when she is away. They are away for a few weeks to the cottage so Auntie ~n gets to babysit! Hubby likes them too, no worries … 😀

WIN_20160815_19_17_21_Pro This is Dora …the picture isn’t great but neither the laptop nor the rat were cooperating! LOL

The German Shepherd is scared silly and the Rotti thinks she has a play mate!

I used to have rats when I first got out on my own, and after the rats I had a ferret, his name was Cody. I still had Cody when I met my husband and he made it long enough to meet my oldest boy (the ferret, not the husband)! Cody was a little past 10 when he passed away, we were both quite sad. I guess I figured these poor critters were as unwelcome and misunderstood as I was when I was a kid, but that’s a story for another day.

Both rats and ferrets are very social and very cute when you get to know them, they love to play and will make you laugh just as well as any goofy dog or cat. The nice thing about them is when you are young and working and busy the ferrets especially sleep up to 20 hours per day, so you can have a pet that doesn’t feel neglected even if you’re busy most of the day and sleep at night! Just a little bit of attention and they are good to go ….! If you get past the stigma you can pet and play with them also, unlike a fish!

Anyway, with what I do and with the space we have free with two cats, two dogs and two kids, rats or ferrets just wouldn’t have a place right now – but it is fun to see them once every summer!








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