What is it about junk food ….?

I had dinner all figured out yesterday, we were just going to have leftovers because I have a tone of food in the house and there was no reason to make more … good plan and very responsible but Hubby decided he wanted burger and fries, so junk food Wednesday it was!

Image result for burger and fries

They tasted well enough, I’m not complaining about that but for some reason every time I have junk food/take out I wake up through the night hungry! It’s not like they don’t have enough fat or calories …. ??

I generally eat a well-balanced diet, I cook just about everything from scratch and try to have proper amounts of veggies in each meal …. probably consume fewer calories on average per meal than when I have take out and I never wake up hungry!

Interesting no??

Have a great day all, look out for the junk food! Grab an apple! lol 😀





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