Day 1 post op – take 2

(Some somewhat graphic pictures, enter with care.)

So here we are again, I’m glad to say that the night was quiet and uneventful! We had the option of giving her some pain meds before bed if needed and that is just what we did. The whining and carrying on just felt like she needed some tlc and rest and it felt like the right thing to do.

Late this afternoon I took the band-aid off to allow some air flow and to make her more comfortable. By this point some of the areas start to lift away from the skin anyway making it more likely to collect dirt then to stop it.

I have a nice large ice bag that I have used on her a few times so far today. It covers the entire leg at once and stays put which is a bonus! She will tolerate it as long as someone is in the room with her for now but still sneaks away given the chance! Silly doggie …. lol The fact that it’s fabric makes the skin less sensitive to the cold and we don’t need to worry about possible frost nip to the area, another bonus!

You can see in the first picture that there is now some swelling around the ankle, it feels quite puffy and full, it should be the thinnest part of the leg shown in the picture but obviously it is not. Picture two is the same area from behind, you can see how the swelling is noticeable from all angles.

The last is a partial view of the incision area and the bruising that has now made its appearance, you can see how it becomes a bright red colour. The first time around I worried that it might be a problem or infection but it is just the way a dog bruises.

She has finally been able to have enough control over her bladder and legs to be able to go pee. It’s been about 24 hours since she came home and she has finally had a drink. She has been eating some cheese along with her meds and some people food if we choose to share but the dog food is still untouched.

We carried her outside for some fresh air and to give her plenty of time to use the ‘bathroom’. We just left her on her ‘gentle leader’ and tied to the picnic table in the yard. We stayed with her of course but she loved the fresh air and animal sounds …. and I find it always helps her to sleep, she’s just like any other kid!!! lol

She has settled since yesterday, I think perhaps her restlessness was simply from coming out of the anesthetic … we haven’t noticed anything of that nature today.




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