TPLO 1 week update

Things are going really well after the surgery, Ziva is already putting her foot/toes down on the floor and even using the leg for balance. The swelling disappeared 2 days ago completely and the bruising is also a thing of the past!

Yesterday I noticed her using her newly fixed leg to scratch her ear! Now that is great news, I guess the range of motion exercises won’t be a problem this time either!! 😀

I can’t remember if I said yet but she did start eating her kibble after a couple of days and by day 5 she had gone #2 …. I know, what a thing to be excited about right?? lol It means all her systems are working as they should and we have no worries at the moment. Let’s hope it stays that way.

After the last time and the problem we ran into with infection they decided to go heavy on the course of antibiotics. With any luck the issue will not present itself again.

There is still some clicking sounds when she walks, it’s coming from the first fixed leg I’m sure … she’s not using the other enough just yet to tell. It’s not nearly as much as before so I’m guessing it was coming from both sides before. It really doesn’t bother her and everything I read so far indicates that it’s normal and hopefully will calm down or stop completely.

We’ve got another week to go before the stitches are to come out but all in all things look good. She gets outside to sit a couple of times a day and is already back and ready to protect the house!! Gotta love a Rotti! LOL






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