Wow, has it really been that long??

Boy it feels like forever since I’ve posted on here, I guess my mind has just been elsewhere for a little while. So much has changed and so much has remained the same … but that’s what they say isn’t it? šŸ˜€

Ziva’s legs are doing great, she is able to run around and get playful without any signs of pain or even notice. There was/is a growth on her left knee (second surgery) and after more tests and more expense, it appears to be a cyst and the hope is that it will go away on its own as she heals. Apparently that is not uncommon after this type of intrusive event especially on a boney area. Either way she certainly doesn’t notice it and is ready to go and take on the world!

I’m not sure if this is common but although the vet doesn’t seem to think she should be very active yet, Ziva herself thinks that everything is back to normal and is happy to move around as though nothing happened. Everyone seems very amazed at the quick progress every time we go in for a checkup…. I guess that’s a good sign! Her x-rays will be in a months time, we’ll know for certain then!

The gardens are coming along nicely too, the trumpet vine and wild roses from Grandma’s house have been moved. I found a couple other flowers too that I brought over and found a home for, fingers crossed that it all takes hold. I might have also swiped her garden hoe and her recipe book that looks older than the hills and has her hand writing in it for adjustments to recipes. If anyone asks, you haven’t seen it …. !! LOL

Since my last post my dad has gone in for surgery, had to have a part of his lung removed I guess. I say that because true to form my parents don’t include or involve me or my brother in anything that is going on. Mind you they are more than happy usually to point fingers and guilt us after the fact, apparently mind reading was a skill we were suppose to conquer.

It can be hard at times to bring myself to face them and ‘play nice’ when I know that at the end it will all be either pretend or a battle. There never seems to be any middle ground or rhyme or reason to expectations either. I don’t have a problem being there and being supportive but I can’t say for sure what that is to them, or how to go about it. So there I sit trying to figure out my next step ….

Anyway, from what I understand he is recovering well and is to be going home on Tuesday. My Aunt had to tell me what’s going on or no one would. I could text or call and ask but calls likely aren’t answered and texts are always very generic. So there you have it. We did text the day of, asked to be kept in the loop and well ….. still waiting. He is out-of-town and since we are both still working we can’t really just go visit on a whim, if we knew in advance maybe plans could be made but we found out the holiday Monday before the surgery so no, no time for planning here. My uncle called that time. LOL You’d think we were estranged wouldn’t you?

So I think that’s it for now, staying positive and cheerful regardless of what’s going on around me.





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