Happy New Year!

Ziva and her new toy want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! As you can see her knees have healed up wonderfully and she has no problem being the 'lap dog' she thinks she is, even if the human can't fit in the wing chair with her!! LOL Here's to a wonderful and fun … Continue reading Happy New Year!


Watching from a distance

The experiment over the past week has affirmed the choice to keep my distance. I have given this some time and gone through many memories that I would have rather forgotten only to find my way right back to where I began. There is a reason I choose this path, and have repeatedly chosen this … Continue reading Watching from a distance

Miracle Pill!

No not really, but it's like that! I long ago decided that people who were not good for me didn't belong in my circle and I have methodically removed them all from my life. The ones who were questionable but so far not threatening were kept at arm's length and checked on periodically, it allows … Continue reading Miracle Pill!


So, I wrote the post about coffee and doing a good deed yesterday. Last evening someone brought me a coffee (not my husband) and again this morning someone else brought me another! Is this the universe telling me it's happy with my decision to post good news? Is it coincidence ......? Cheers! ~n