Well now this is new!

Had an interesting weekend, went to the chiropractor (I go just about once a month for about 1 1/2 years now) because my back, hips and body in general has been aching for a couple of years non stop. Any way I had some strange symptoms after going for a walk that I hadn’t had before so I asked him about it.

As it turns out, I am very flat-footed! LOL Who knew! It took over 43 years to figure out that I have flat feet, which is particularly funny since my youngest has flat feet and I’m the one who noticed and kept up with making sure he had proper shoes etc….

A couple of years ago I bought new shoes, not the usual ‘structured’ shoe I normally get for walking but they are ‘walking shoes’ and suggested by the store clerk so that’s what I got. I look back now and realize that my issues started to become much worse right about the same time! yikes!

So shopping trip this weekend to buy new shoes, I’m wearing them in the house as well as out for walking and I’m already noticing less pain in my lower back and hips despite the fact the weather is damp and rainy, normally a very bad combination if you share these issues. My knees are sore today but that could be weather or that my legs are now at a proper angle so some adjustment is going to be needed.

I knew I needed new shoes but I likely would have hummed and hawed about it for a while before doing anything, although not likely as long as I used to, but hubby ‘put his foot down’ and said “We’re going!” LOL

Isn’t it funny how you can be so good at taking care of everything and everyone but completely ignore yourself!

So I’ve got stretches, exercises and new shoes …. hopefully by the nice weather I will be relatively pain-free and ready to tackle the garden! The wild roses I took from Gramma’s seem to have survived the winter and are already starting to show signs of growing! I’m getting excited ….. !!






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