People must think entirely too highly of themselves ….

and it makes them grumpy, irritable and unhappy!

Sometimes after my travels through blogland I start to wonder if the majority of posts are written by teens (not that I have anything against teens, I happen to have 2 of them at home) or if people really do think that they matter that much to all of those who might happen to be around them, at any given time.

It seems that they post about entire conversations that really ticked them off but never actually happened, outside of their own minds that is! They put ideas and words ‘into the mouths’ of strangers and even acquaintances, deciding for them what their thoughts are without giving that person(s) a chance to speak and answer for themselves.

They decide what the majority ‘would say’ to them but they never actually hear any of it, save a few other bloggers ….

Image result for walking around with blindersIt has been my experience that other people walking by, or sitting down for dinner, or shopping in the same mall as you most likely don’t even know you are there much less care about what you look like, what you are wearing and what it is you are into. Very few people actually give a rat’s patootie if you work in an office, have a degree or ‘stay at home’. As long as what you are doing does not affect them specifically most people really don’t care! Sorry ….

The ones that do make comments to ‘get your goat’ as they say forgot about you the second you were out of sight. I suppose if this is what you like to do with your time, than go a head ….. not to be rude or anything but just to prove a point, I really don’t care either! It’s human nature ,….. we are self-centered creatures.

I gave up worrying about what other people might think a long time ago and guess what? Nothing changed …. the only one worried and stressed about it was me. Now I worry less and ‘live’ more, happy and carefree.

I might matter to a few people close to me but in a world population of 7.5 billion I’m simply not that important!

Perhaps if people simply ‘got over themselves’ they would be happier in general too!





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