Quick! Call the *whaaaa*mbulance!

I got up this morning to a very amusing post, well I find it amusing … mostly!

It’s one of those people that I follow simply to get another opinion on life but I think it has changed to more of a comedic relief site for me than anything else.

So this morning’s post is a long drawn out account of a trip to a shopping mall with his wife? girlfriend? not sure, anyhow the post carries on about the line ups and how other stores call more people to the register if the line is beyond 3 but this store does the opposite etc. etc.

It goes on to explain they had to ‘divide and concur’ and it still took a very long time, and the parking lot was also a zoo …. yada yada! Eventually you get to the part about their moods being foul and how He eventually corrected her and explained you need to find your inner ‘happy’! LMAO Okay ….

So this is the same person who considers himself a master in his craft, says he is a life couch (I think he means coach) and teaches others how to live their lives as well. This is the part that is funny to me ….

He apparently missed the parts where he is complaining about line ups, complaining about work, he has even posted some very heated and upsetting moments in his life where snow was the culprit trying to ruin his life! He preaches positive thoughts but writes of frustrations and anger over the most mundane things.

The most *amusing* thing so far is that the silent treatment is a useful tool in building and maintaining a relationship! LMAO So I took his advice and I quit commenting! 😛

Carpe diem yourself dude! Although you are using it incorrectly and your attitude towards life shows it! Not the one you preach, but the one you practice! 😉

If the biggest problems you face in life are box store lineups and the occasional snow storm, ummm, would you like to trade??? LOL I will thank you for my morning laugh, I just wish you’d quit trying to teach others ‘your way’! I wrote a post about snow a while back too, but it was much different than yours!





5 thoughts on “Quick! Call the *whaaaa*mbulance!

      1. That’s the truth indeed! I came close enough to that myself but had a new pen pal at the time that made me see what I was sounding like quite quickly. 😉
        Took a break from Neverland at that time and came back wiser and better for it! Thanks again, BTW! 😀


      2. Life can provide us with many a strange dichotomy. I’m like everyone else in that I have mine.

        There is a Dominant side. That side just saw a post or two in which a lady mentioned her desire and then, only hours later, her gentleman used her throughly and left her exhausted but sated. That side smiled and thought “how nice”.

        There is also a serious Big Brother side that protects and sees everyone, making sure their needs are met and they are well. It wants everyone on their proper path. It wants them fulfilled and happy.

        Those sides have individual and collective benefits I suppose. But it is a combination that will spot and call out a fool or nudge an innocent but do both for the good of all.

        And this brings this episode of “Deep thoughts by Jack Handy” to an end!


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