So much to do, so little time …. lol

Spring time is a very busy time around our house, I generally host Easter, the two boys have birthdays in the spring, Mother’s Day of course 😀 and our anniversary <3.

some of the baked goodies!

Easter festivities are done, it went extremely well I think, hubby is very happy with the way it turned out so I’m going to have to say yes! LOL I always have grand plans and more that could have been done in my mind but he keeps me on level ground! We had brunch, I decided a few years back to try brunch instead of dinner and it went over so well that I have stuck with it ever since.

I have a young magnolia in the front yard that decided to make an appearance just in time for brunch, it was beautiful! Flowers really brighten up the day I tell yah! It was rainy in the morning but as the day went on the sun peeked out and the flowers started to open. I really do get such a rush from the things in my garden even though I have terrible allergies and they make me itchy and set off migraines! oh well ….

Tomorrow is our anniversary, 20 years! It doesn’t feel like 20 years I tell yah, it feels like just yesterday ….. I still get butterflies when I know hubby is close to home, I get excited for weekends together and we love just hanging out and having a good laugh.

We went on a little shopping spree with the in-laws a few weeks back, by the end of the afternoon they were teasing about ‘how long have you two been together’ and my mother in law started opening the car door for me if hubby didn’t happen to make it around in time! lol Not sure if it was because she thought he opened them due to some physical thing on my part or she just did it without realizing! Either way it was kind of cute.

Anyway, I don’t think we’re doing anything tomorrow, it is a Tuesday and school is back in as well as work. The oldest turns 17 on the 27th and the youngest turns 15 on the 11th of May. The oldest already went to a show with his dad on an out of the country trip! woot woot! He wanted to see that myth busters guy so off they went …. that’s his birthday gift done but the youngest is still on the to do list. He tends to be pretty easy going with this kind of stuff, if I wasn’t to say anything he’d likely ask for a McFlurry or something for his birthday!  No complaints here …. !

And then that brings me to taxes! Now that the Easter festivities are done I need to get to my taxes. There will soon be papers all over the dining room table, hopefully not for long or we will all be on a diet! lol

I suppose I should be off now, lots to do still and the day is just getting started.





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