Finding strength from the past

Funny thing sometimes, what it is you can use to find help, to find strength. The troubles of the present are draining but the hell of the past was much worse! Is it possible the past was necessary to make me strong enough for the present and future? I know I have been tired, … Continue reading Finding strength from the past

I was going to send this to a friend ….

I decided he had enough to handle on his own plate! I thought I would put it here instead. Even an intelligent mind can only take so many changes [Redacted] ..... I feel like I am needing respite in my armor again. One face for Hubby One face for the youngest One face for the … Continue reading I was going to send this to a friend ….

Truth hurts

My youngest told me today as he was trying to manage yet another trigger - "There is no place for people like me in this world." The *funny* thing about that statement is that if the *adults* in his life would just grow up a little and show some common sense he wouldn't be having … Continue reading Truth hurts