Truth hurts

My youngest told me today as he was trying to manage yet another trigger –

“There is no place for people like me in this world.”

The *funny* thing about that statement is that if the *adults* in his life would just grow up a little and show some common sense he wouldn’t be having these issues.

Despite everything that goes on in his mind and all the fear he has had to overcome the only time an issue really arises that can’t be handled is when the adults in his life are acting like jackasses.

He has dealt with many reports and presentations and although the stress is high he has always managed to see his way through, it’s the classes where the teachers are well-known for having a ‘chip on their shoulder’ that cause the problems.

Many mental health issues start to appear in adolescence when the body chemistry is changing and the brain trying to mature, you’d think professionals in any field that dealt primarily with teens would be schooled in this! Wouldn’t you …..??

He is one of the strongest people I know and in most cases much more mature than the adults I am currently dealing with. There is no way I’m putting my dukes down on his behalf – I just need to find a way to make them see without  telling them they are jackasses!




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