Taking care of your mental health is hard work …

… and taking care of someone else’s, or in this case two some else’s is exhausting!

Calm, positive and optimistic are things I strive for. Understanding and secure and always patient …. but when you are constantly the recipient of cruel and rude words, nasty attitudes and the punching bag for today’s stresses it tends to get very difficult not to take things personally at times, or feel like a huge failure.

I might understand what’s going on but it doesn’t make it any less hurtful to me at times. When coupled with fighting to keep things as even as possible at home and then dealing with outside forces that in one motion set everything that you have accomplished waayy back! Exhausting is the understatement of the year I would say …..

I need to come up with some mental health strategies for myself! Attainable strategies to help me cope, because as the boys get bigger and adults get more ‘in their face’ my stress gets higher and higher!

With stresses outside the home that I can’t control and behaviours inside the home that now happen daily …. time for a day out, or reading a book, or hitting the gym for an hour simply are not achievable, not right now!

I need a plan, and the youngest needs some SLEEP! UGH!!





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