Done with the guilt!

I’m done with feeling guilty!

If my child needs a mental health day, if he needs to work from home (since almost everything is available online now anyway) than he will have it.

I’m tired of feeling bad or guilty because I’m doing what’s best for him, and for me!

This morning he was pacing with fire in his eyes, clawing at his body because he couldn’t stand the idea of school. I let him work from home and he settled right down, grabbed the laptop and is doing his work as we speak! 😉

I don’t give a rat’s @ss if they don’t understand, I will not be made to feel guilty over doing the right thing. Mind you the guilt could be my own …. when you get used to the ‘push back’ you just expect it, then everything is viewed in that light.

I’m taking a step back, I’m putting on my rose-coloured glasses and I’m going to assume everything is in a positive tone until it is proved otherwise. For my own sanity as well as his!

If his efforts online continue in this manner, I think I will consider some online courses for next year as well ….. perhaps start with 1 per semester and see how it goes?!?! Food for thought!






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