Fifty shades of …..

Grey! But no, it’s not that kind of site y’all! ;P *chuckle*

School is finally out and I’m on holiday as well! Things are so much nicer and calmer with the boys, especially the youngest! The oldest does okay ever since we started his medication in December 2015 but the youngest works only with patience and inner strength. Not bad for a very newly 15-year-old.

I’m mostly writing this as a diary of events so that when I have the meeting with the VP in the end of August I can remember properly what happened and what I’d like to say about it, feel free to chime in if you have wisdom to add, I have learned in the last few months that assuming mature and responsible action from those in ‘power’ is sometimes a mistake! ugh!

So on Friday, my first day of holiday and last day of school (P.A.Day – basically no kids and teachers clean up and get out) I happened to check my email and received a note from the one teacher that really started all of this drama and panic cycle for my youngest. Now I had already in a last-ditch effort to make contact, emailed the home room teacher of my youngest briefly detailing the issue at hand and explaining that I needed to reach teacher “b” (we’ll call her that for clarity), that I had no contact information and could he please send the message on and hopefully we (teacher b and I) could take it from there.

She never contacted me, she went to the VP and made excuses and was outraged etc. etc. but no contact. I had previously asked to speak to her in a call to the office in which I was blown off, I had already sent a doctor’s note along with my own note to the VP and I had already had three telephone conversations in regards to this mess, still no contact.

So, can someone please explain to me why, on the last day of the year, when no administration or executive would be found and basically, in her eyes anyway, I would have no recourse, did she choose this day to finally email me directly? She choose this day to let me know that I was rude and irresponsible when it came to my child, that I should have been in contact with the administration much earlier and that any and all remaining fault for this mess should be put squarely on my then 14 and now 15-year-old panic and anxiety ridden son.

Hummm, interesting no? She carries on to explain that how was she to know there was a problem when for the first 2 and a half months he did so well and excelled and then all of a sudden things changed. She can’t know what is not told to her. Hummm, again.

So she noticed that all was well for the first half of the semester and then things went to hell in a hand basket and she didn’t think to comment or call us?!?! …. she the one who spends 5 days a week with him and seeing the change didn’t bother to make a comment or send an email. Not until things got into a full panic cycle and now being noticed from home as well did we know what was going on, and even then it was only because I work from home and generally pay more attention to detail than most.

The only time this became something for her to notice was because her tail feathers were caught in a knot after an email I sent asking for help. So again, someone please explain how I am the rude and irresponsible party?

No wonder the poor child had issues in her class.

I know there are many holes in this story but I will conclude by saying that I did respond to her, very quickly in which I stated that the information from myself and the doctor is with the VP and has been since the day I received it, the explanation and apology for the email going to a colleague (sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness than permission πŸ˜› that might have been on purpose to get their attention, finally!) Β is also with the VP and yes, it is truly unfortunate that she only choose now to reach out to me because I had no access to her.

I concluded by borrowing from a friend and said ‘hope you enjoy your summer Ma’am!’

That’s it. 3 sentences and then I went for a walk instead of getting back on-line and telling her right where to go! Someone needs to be the ‘bigger man’ and as much as I’d love to tell her what I really think my son has at least 3 more years there and he would inevitably be the one paying for my temper.

So what has this to do with 50 shades of grey? Well it got me to thinking, I thought that by providing the school with all the information they would then take it and take care of the issues to the best of their ability. Obviously I have learned that it not the case! My son is also colour blind and this has been in his file since grade 6 (he is very smart and adaptable as you can see, I had guessed he was colour blind when he was 2 and learning his shapes and numbers but he managed to train himself to see shades of grey enough to fool everyone until grade 6, and that was only because we took him to the eye doctor and he was finally diagnosed.) but in his Geography class last semester one of the exams was based with questions using colour.

He laughed about it some time later when he told me that it took longer to figure out which line was red than it took to answer all the rest of the questions. Administration already knew, it was already in his file, it was already discussed ….. but apparently not very well thought out! And colour blindness is much easier to understand than all the mental and emotional trauma that he now faces due to intolerant and narrow-minded individuals who seem to think that they have the right to lead.

I really can’t even begin to tell you how much that bothers me, but if they can’t even figure out that colours on exams for a child that is colour blind is a bad idea than I really have my work cut out for me in this up coming meeting!

And teacher ‘b’ better watch her step because despite what she might have wanted all she got from me was a ‘have a nice summer’ and a ‘cc’ of the email to the administration! πŸ˜‰ *chuckle* Nice try lady!





2 thoughts on “Fifty shades of …..

  1. Remember when a lady rained on my girl’s parade?

    There is another bit to ponder. You are acting in the role of a pack leader. Your son is obviously intimately involved in this dispute but there are many subtle side lessons here. One is how does a leader (the one with the power and responsibility) act when confronted or challenged. He’s watching everyone and learning from you. How do you interact with the snowflake, how do relay the events to the gentleman and how do you relate them to him? These are among the interactions where his future emulation will come from his current education.

    Good luck ma’am and have a wonderful summer.


  2. I do remember …. I haven’t yet entered the office myself but I do plan on being calm and collected when I do! πŸ˜‰ But I have no problem letting them know that I will not be pushed over or aside.

    As to the issue currently playing out, the only time this thought process has been ‘seen’ is here in blogland and with hubby. As far as everyone one and children are concerned the actions and reactions were simply an email stating that the information was with the VP and to have a nice summer.

    Like I mentioned there were holes in the story – one was that the VP insisted on being party to all correspondence and as it so happened this teacher decided to ‘enlighten me’ privately. Technically I’m following through with what I agreed to earlier, cold and calculating *is* something I can do, especially if the cubs are at risk.

    I have no problem being civilized but I recall some time ago being told that the job was to ‘help people behave’. It’s difficult to put it all into writing but let’s just say that I am on my own crusade. Since starting this exercise I have discovered many other kids in the same situation but not all their parents are strong enough to stand and advocate, me well I don’t mind.

    I’m currently using this format as a means to empty my frustrations and regroup my senses …. get my head on straight and get back to battle. Does this make sense …?!?!? I’m venting and looking for strategy, no one in the real world sees or knows *this* but hubby.

    Like I said, I wanted to tell her where to go, I went for a walk instead …. came back with a clear head and a smile. As far as anyone else knows that’s all that happened.

    Boy! *chuckle* got lots off my mind this time around – hope I didn’t scare you off at all! *giggle*


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