The more you have on your plate, the more that seems to get added …!

Summer is half way through and it feels like I haven’t had a moment to register it yet! Not that there is anything wrong or stressful going on, it’s just busy and full of work!

I’m pretty confident that this up coming school meeting will be all on me/us to prepare for judging from the way things have been handled so far. It appears that the information they want then just sits in a file some where and no one makes use of it or asks questions if they don’t understand it. It leaves a very ‘sticky’ situation I have found because when I try to be proactive there is push back, when I simply say “I am available, let me know if you need info or assistance” no one calls!

I find face to face meetings are always more productive but with my current job it is not possible to take just a few hours out of the day. Taking an entire day just to be available when they are, because lord forbid they stay after hours or meet up at a different time is just not something they are willing to do, is a bit extreme and leaves me feeling like I am neglecting my other commitments. I do need to say however that this is very much person specific, some teachers do go above and beyond, the ones I have had the pleasure of dealing with lately however have been a bit on the ‘high and mighty’ side.

I bought a book, Self Reg by Stuart Shanker that I am hoping to have read before the meeting and perhaps pull some useful information that I can present. Perhaps if the information is coming from a third-party they will be less resentful and more receptive. Certainly can’t hurt at this point.

It is difficult to prepare for something when you really have no idea what it is they want and how it is they operate in general. It’s making my mind race in a hundred different directions to be sure to be prepared for all possibilities …. can you say exhausting?!?!

I was just at the in-laws this past weekend, their 50th anniversary is coming up in October. Yays to them! The family has decided that a nice party to celebrate is just the thing … and after some back and forth they have also decided that it should be in MY back yard! Yikes!!!

I don’t mind the idea but the truth is the amount of work required to pull this off is going to be great! Being at our house means that much of the work is going to fall to us, the yard, the planning of tables, food, setup … for 80 people!

The yard work alone would take the amount of time we have (5 weeks) to prepare and that’s not counting that my physical state really has been deteriorating much more quickly than I’d like to admit. After yet another episode at school and having to help the youngest with some make up work (more like punishment than working with us but ..) I realized that I likely have rheumatoid arthritis and that my parents found out about 25 years ago but didn’t do anything to take care. Long story in and of itself but I’m pretty sure that what I thought were basic aches and pains of menopause are likely more to do with this degenerative disease that has been now eating away at me for about a quarter of a century. I have a rather high pain tolerance ….

Have to make time to get in to see the doctor I guess, just one more thing on the plate! *chuckle*

The family has no idea, I/we all thought that the rise in my body temp over the last few years was just hot flashes, now I think my nightly hot spells (and daily) are actually fever from the arthritis, truth is I have had hot flashes in the past and this just doesn’t feel like that.

While we were over on the weekend we visited with the hubby’s aunt and uncle, they live two doors down from my parent. His aunt is not doing well and so we took the opportunity to visit when we got the chance. Anyway, she had a story about a visit my mother paid them that had to be cut short and asked if I could relay the message to her that they would like her to visit again …. I said sure. Just one more thing to pile on.

I haven’t seen my mother in almost a year, it was a chance meeting at the store shortly after Gramma passed. Our last text to my dad was on his birthday in April, and it was not returned. It makes me laugh that we have been together 20 years now and his side really has no idea how tenuis things are for me and my family. I guess I’m good at keeping things to myself! 😉

That’s probably enough rambling for now!





6 thoughts on “The more you have on your plate, the more that seems to get added …!

      1. Then sit ma’am. This puts you in a somewhat rested position and able to support him as needed. Ever watch two packs fight? Lot of animals milling about ready to step in if the leader needs them.


      2. sheesh, now there are two of you telling me to sit! 😛 *chuckle*

        I know what you’re saying and I am listening, …. being on the side lines instead of in the middle is just not my natural state, but I’m learning ….


      3. It stinks to watch a fight but if your role is cover fire you sit, you observe, you listen and then, when called on, you save the day. No one receiving your assistance minds a fresh gun.


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