Some people …

don’t deserve to be parents!

Sitting here this morning with a little fellow trying hard not to break down while he eats his snack. He won’t talk about it but I know he went to counselling yesterday for the first time, he and his sister.

He has his hand over his eyes as he tries to eat his crackers and all I can do is sit and watch and listen. The longer I sit the more my blood boils.

His parents are divorced but he stills sees dad. This past weekend was his sister’s birthday party at dad’s house and apparently the man that he is couldn’t quit drinking just long enough to have the kids enjoy themselves for just a few hours.

Apparently by the end gifts and ipads and book bags were thrown out the window, literally …. the kids are 6 and 8, they have no way out in these times.

Really??? You just couldn’t wait …. some people don’t deserve to be parents.

I could be working in an office somewhere making better money in a cozy chair some where, but I think my work here is more important. I wish I could say he was the only one in the last 15 years, but it is all too common!

Coffee time …. Cheers!




5 thoughts on “Some people …

  1. There is an important difference between serving and being served. Continue your service and notice the gift of being able to carry the load for him along with the weight of it on you. This doesn’t make the world a better place but it makes his world a better place and keeps your burden in prospective.


    1. That’s the truth.

      Some days this mule wonders just how much more it wants to carry. I think my upcoming break is well earned and well deserved.

      Besides, I have a ‘pack’ that need me too …. so why does it feel like a guilty indulgence?


      1. may I change my wiring please??
        on second thought, never mind! I don’t know how people can live like that and I never want to find out.
        little fellow is laughing and playing and chasing rabbits about the house …. for today, my work here is done. đŸ˜‰ *giggle*


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