Well, here we are …!

Here we are at the end of another work day, only unlike the rest this should be the beginning of my respite period, at least part-time anyway. So guess what’s happened? LOL Last week already I had a call that went from just a couple of hours very part-time to ‘oh, by the way’ I have a second child, 1 y/o that would require all day care for those times as well. I made it clear that I was not looking for full-time anything for the next six months, for now they have agreed but still want to be here. I have a feeling it might end up less part-time than I was hoping!

This morning, on my very last day of work … (yeah right)! I received an email from someone who just left saying work is changing schedules and can they please come back? They are not sure when but probably soon …. UGH!

I haven’t gotten back to them just yet but I’m a sucker for a kid in need! *sigh* I’m hoping their schedule will involve weekend hours (which I don’t work) so that I might work 3 maybe 4 days if I choose to recommit.

I was already feeling guilty (somewhat)and indulgent and the universe puts this on my plate.

I guess we’ll see! For now I’m off till the 6th of September, I will change my plans to suit others often enough but I WILL have at least this much to myself. 

Time to refresh , ….





4 thoughts on “Well, here we are …!

  1. Heard that beagle got whacked on the head earlier this year. Not one but two ladies hounded it until it was afraid to move much lest they hit it. (Poor, long suffering beagle…)

    They were right, he did need it. He didn’t like it, he whined but he needed it. That rest allowed him to get (somewhat) better.

    Just saying….

    Careful to not diminish your ability to help in the future through actions today.

    Wonder what happens when a bear has to sit on a rabbit to keep it still?


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