Music and lyrics

bring me peace and strength …

School meeting tomorrow, I’m not looking forward to it but I’m ready! 😀




7 thoughts on “Music and lyrics

    1. Thank you C! On my way and hoping for the best. The trick is to not make things worse because in the end my son is the one dealing with it. If it was me, well, I’ve grown pretty strong over the years. But this isn’t about what I can handle, It’s about the best for him. Trying to keep the peace is what’s best for him right now, let’s hope it works!


    1. Thanks AC! Ironic how I’ve said I’ve been fighting dragons most of my life but these last few years I’ve found solace in these ones. *chuckle*

      The youngest actually got me onto them and both boys relate to a lot of what’s said there in, and so do I.

      These dragons I like! 😉 It’s just poetry set to music, you just need to pay attention. lol


      1. The best music is poetry set to music that tells some sort of story. It is funny, though, that you find solace in dragons of any type.

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      2. The fire and heat and misunderstood ideals make me feel at home I guess. The intensity of a dragon is where I seem to find most comfort and symmetry.
        Folklore suggests that a dragon will only bond with one ‘true of heart;. Maybe that’s the fantasy I identify … 😉


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