Drifting Away ….

Day two, I have lots of things to do I’m sure but I’m not overly invested in doing them, not just yet anyway! Yesterday was supposed to be a calm day of rest and play but school registration was on the agenda and I spent the day trying to convince the youngest to go.

He did eventually go with dad at the end of the day but hey, at least he made it! I’ve finally began reading the book “Self-Reg” and I’m finding the refresher a good thing. It’s very much what I have been doing for the last 12 years for him but now I can tweak it just a bit and – the big thing here – explain it to others in ways that they will understand!

The way my mind works I seem to skip steps that others need in order to follow along, it’s a bit more of a curse when my kid is depending on me to make it make sense to others. It’s like explaining to someone for the first time how to tie shoes, you can’t just say with your hands! *giggle* Who knew ….!?!?

To be completely honest here I think my work with dogs has actually gone a long way in helping how I deal with these situations and I’m very glad for it. When you work with dogs (for behaviour not tricks) you stay calm and keep your emotions out of it, you look for the cause of the behaviour and you take steps to change the cause which in turn changes the behaviour. Stress, of any sort, is always the cause and basically that is the same concept here. Very much simplified mind you but the same.

When dealing with someone who is over loaded with stress and emotion the last thing you need to be is in the same state. Expecting them to learn ‘self control’ is not the key, managing the stress is.

The other nice thing with the dogs is that they are a mirror of their owner, if my dogs are acting out I know I need to regroup and de-stress myself. Humans are not very good at figuring this out for ourselves quickly but our dogs sure are! 😉

So yes, I have lots to do but for today I am going to dance and play and drift away …. !!

And coffee, can’t forget the coffee! *giggle*

Hope you have a great one everyone!





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