This is what happens when a rabbit is told to slow down …

I am slowly going crazy, 1,2,3,4,5,6, switch …

Crazy going slowly am I, 6,5,4,3,2,1, switch !

Does anyone else remember/know this song???

The surest way to stress me out is to have nothing going on. Always has been … I worked until 2 days before having my first child, it was a Thursday and up until then everything BP wise was fine. Friday I had a Doc’s appointment, my BP was through the roof. They kept me in there for 2 hours, didn’t say why exactly but just kept checking every so often. Now mind you I wasn’t worried or bothered at all, just bored silly!

Finally the Doc comes in and says, ‘what have you been doing’?

I said ‘nothing, literally, I’m on vacation now ..’!

He says “Well your BP is way too high, go home and get the Bear and meet me at the hospital”. *chuckle*

I don’t do ‘sit still’, sit still will make me stroke out! (Which BTW is what he was afraid of, my BP was that high because I was basically bored …).

I’m bored now, got a Doc’s appointment in a weeks time. I better find something to do or he will be really unimpressed! UGH

He told me 20 years ago I was a rabbit, it’s just the way we work. Who knew he foreshadowed so much more? *giggle* Some of you will find that more amusing than others!






2 thoughts on “This is what happens when a rabbit is told to slow down …

  1. Same here, boredom spikes it and working drops it. That was my problem in the hospital after the accident. It’s true that I wasn’t in good shape but they kept wanting me to lie still & protect the leaky head. Once I finally got up and (slowly) moved, it started to drop.


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