Crazy Lil’ Rabbits are really something else!

I’ve got my appointment tomorrow to try to figure out finally and officially what’s going on with me physically; mentally I’m a lost cause! I already know that! *giggle* Anyway …

So over the past two weeks or so I have been debating canceling the appointment, started to think that maybe I’m just being dramatic and that my issues are really just minor aches and pains that come from you know, growing up and getting older!

I’m not the whining type, actually even my doc has gone as far as to tell my teen that ‘his mom is stubborn’! UGH I tend to wait and wait and then wait some more before I decide if an issue is actually an issue or if I should just ‘suck it up’ and move on. Side effects of living with pain for 85% of your life I suppose, I really don’t know the difference.

So over the past couple of weeks I have slowed down with work (although the work around the yard has been more than what I was hoping for this year but the Bear keeps me from doing too much) and so I don’t feel nearly as bad as I do when I have a full day of work to tackle. Today I had a full day of work, yeah so I really do need to go and get this checked! It was probably a good day to work before the appointment, I don’t really have enough time to go into denial! *chuckle*

I did notice something else also, well I noticed a long time ago I just finally admitted it! :/ I’m not sure how to explain exactly but you can take my word for it …. When the Bear comes by and just simply runs his hand up and down anywhere on my body the pain is intense enough to cause endorphins to be released, just like that!

Don’t ask me to explain, I just know. I’m pretty in tune with my body (although I suffer from some serious denial) and I know the feeling of the release of these chemicals to deal with physical pain. My body keeps me constantly on the edge and the softest touch sends me over, so yeah that’s probably not normal or good?!?!?

Now to try to explain to the doctor without sounding like a totally crazy rabbit! *giggle* Think I’ll just stick to the fact that I hurt all day every day and it affects my daily life for well over 3 years now. That should do, don’t you think?





7 thoughts on “Crazy Lil’ Rabbits are really something else!

  1. Wow, lil’ rabbit. How on earth did you explain that last part about the endorphins? But, I don’t see where that would be too uncommon. I’m sure that is like muscle memory, when pleasure is received from pain, it is only natural for them to be released. This would be especially true in the case of the Bear touching you.

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    1. I hadn’t considered that, makes sense for sure to get a certain ‘rush’ from a certain touch.
      This is more than that unfortunately, words like Lupus, RA and fibromyalgia were thrown around as well us other things and of course the stress and lack of sleep only adding to the problem.
      I plan on doing a follow up post, but then I caught a ‘bug’ that has had me on the floor for days! Not the reason I like! ;P *giggle*


      1. Hate to hear you were laid out for unenjoyable reasons, lil’ rabbit. Hope you are feeling better in those regards now. As for the other diagnosis, don’t fret the words they are throwing around. Wait until they know something definitive. Just know that I’ll be praying for you.

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      2. Thanks AC, that’s very sweet!
        I’m not worried really, I’d just like to know what the heck is happening so I can fix it, or do my best to try anyway!
        I’ve been told I’m a bit of a firecracker on occasion! LOL


      3. You? A firecracker? Say it isn’t so! But, being real for a moment, I know exactly how you feel about wanting answers. Hopefully you will get them soon.

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