Appointment Update – and some bits on life in general.

Well I finally made it in to the doctor Thursday morning, as expected my BP was through the roof. It isn’t *that* high just in general (although it is high) but forcing me to a) sit still and b) deal with people who I don’t want to deal with is a great combination for a BP that could bring on a stroke. Told yah I was a lost cause, yah didn’t believe me, did yah?

Anyhow, due to my stubborn nature my doctor really has no idea of my history with pain and issues in general. Turns out the last time I was in to see him, for myself was 2011. He does however take care of the boys as well so he knows all the trauma and issues we have had in that respect. I think he was at first thinking that my issues could be mainly a byproduct of stress and a major lack of sleep over the past few years. Yes years, told yah I wait and wait …

I do appreciate that he is willing to look deeper into issues than to just write a script, that’s why we go to him in the first place. After some talking and some explaining he did start to come around to thinking that perhaps it could be something more as well. I have no doubt that all the rest plays a big part here, that would be why it took me so long to go in in the first place, just suck it up and move on!

By the time we got to discussing my raynaud’s and to what extent I do have it was when he started to get more worried. See I have all the red flags of an intense raynaud’s and it is an auto immune problem to begin with. It is also the first thing they look for when searching for RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) or perhaps  Lupus. So yeah, lots of fun stuff to contemplate.

I’ve done some blood tests for now and have a heart scan set for this Thursday and then we will move forward to the other appointments needed to figure this out.

Doctor is also worried for my mental state, he worries that if things come back ‘normal’ as far as the blood work that I will get upset, depressed, thinking that they think it’s all in my head and other such thoughts. He assured me that’s not the case, that they know something  is going on and the not everything shows up on tests and scans. Told yah he’s good! *giggle*

I appreciate where he is coming from, especially with all the other stress going on around here, but as far as I’m concerned I hope it all comes back normal! At the very least it tells me that my body is not eating itself up and that I can in fact start pushing harder, working harder and building muscle and endurance! I’m not afraid of pain, I just don’t want to be doing more harm than good by pushing too far.

He did however refuse to let me leave without BP medication. He actually told me “If I let you leave like this someone will come in and shoot me”! *chuckle* He wants me to consider something for pain but I’ll cross that threshold when the stats are in. I really don’t want to be walking around numb to pain, for personal reasons. I think he thinks I’m against drugs in general, I’m not, I just prefer a more natural alternative if possible.

I think that’s it for now, lots to say in regards to the boys, the youngest especially. He has missed every day of school since the 5th – but I’ll get back to that one later!

Cheers all, hope your day is wonderful! 😀



4 thoughts on “Appointment Update – and some bits on life in general.

  1. There is a difference between pain and harm.

    Not being a whiner about a minor ache or enjoying a good date night is vastly different abuse or your body saying it’s breaking. See, know and appreciate the difference.


    1. That’s where things get blurred sometimes, that’s what I’m hoping these tests and stuff will tell me.
      I don’t want to hurt myself in the real sense but I am willing to push through the pain in order to become stronger! I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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