Happy Tuesday!

Just back from yet another appointment for the youngest, things seem to be going well with the administration really and I can’t complain! Not everything is available and not all things will be reached in this manner but it’s a pretty good step in the right direction.

It just goes to show one more time that you can’t take other people’s ‘word for it’, you really do need to try for yourself. A few of the people I had talked to before had told me how difficult this would be and that no one was willing to work with you, they all had a thing to prove and a chip on their shoulders. I have to say that outside of that one teacher that basically set us off on this path, everyone else has been quite helpful and has tried to point us in a realistic direction to keep moving forward.

Makes you wonder who exactly it was that had a chip on their shoulder, don’t you think? I’ve said before that if you go in swinging you shouldn’t be surprised if they swing back! Why is that such a revelation??? People need to learn to stop talking and start listening, to stop accusing and blaming and start working together. And mostly stop making assumptions and ask! Seriously … try it!

No not everyone is good and no not everything is perfect but it’s also not a fight or a p*ssing match. It’s life, it’s not perfect but it’s good!

A perfectly good way to spend a Tuesday! 😉





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