It’s Friday and after a couple of hard days physically I’m more than ready for some time off. PA Day at the school so I have a free day to myself! Well until 1 pm when the Bear gets home, Fridays have always been early days for Him anyway! 😀

I’m already sore from work so of course today has to be a rain day, nothing like adding on to the plate, right? *chuckle* I’ve heard said that the Lord doesn’t give you more than you can handle. If that’s true than He must think I’m one mighty rabbit!!! At least there is no need to water today …. 😉

I was planning on getting some sleep this morning but ‘A’ decided he should have his alarm set even though he has nowhere to be. It might not wake him up but it certainly woke me! *sheesh* I got up once and told him to shut it off and I tried going back to bed but he only hit snooze so soon enough it was going off again!

So today is going to be a comfy day …

… well until the boys get up anyway, I might have to adjust that thinking then. *chuckle*

Grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting a spell in the library, maybe I’ll read some, maybe I’ll write … I’ve got a few things to do today but nothing pressing and I have lots of time now. I think I’ll enjoy my morning, I hope you all do too!




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