A hard week but …

This week has been interesting physically with the weather changing again. It’s been cold, then humid, then rainy, then cold again … apparently Mother Nature has no clue what season she wants it to be right now!

All this up and down has got my raynaud’s on high alert and my everything else in full gear. Of course I have been a bit busier too with work, not much but apparently more than what my body can handle. I am feeling pretty much destroyed and I have 6 more hours to go today that should prove to be interesting indeed!

I have caved and taken some pain meds, such is life at times! At least it’s manageable this way.

So why in heaven’s name am I feeling so ridiculously giddy, goofy, happy and just plain ….  I don’t know a bit ‘mad’??? *chuckle* 

Mind over matter I guess, or maybe I’ve finally crossed over completely! Either way, Happy Friday all!





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