Well they know some of it now ….

Had a nice thanksgiving dinner here on Saturday, invited my brother and his son and my in-laws. That side isn’t doing much anyway and since I’m trying to get as much family spirit as I can together for my brother and his son and the in-laws were free I suggested to the Bear that we could have both over. I had a turkey to cook anyway so why not?

Dinner was good and everyone got on well, W stayed in his room, made an appearance in the kitchen to grab food and ran back to his room. Not sure how I’m going to get him to school in January but I suppose that’s a problem for another day.

Had a couple of drinks and perhaps should have stopped a bit earlier than I did. *chuckle* I wasn’t falling over or anything like that but I do tend to get a bit more forthcoming in my information at times. I’m always talkative and engaging but the topics are usually less in-depth. Well the in-laws got a better view of what exactly it is we are dealing with here with the boys.

They finally know that W hasn’t been to school since the end of May, it’s October now! He barely leaves the house at all anymore and refuses to take anything for it, which is kind of a moot point anyway since he can’t swallow pills! Never has been able to …. ugh

MIL mentioned that he doesn’t show any issues when she picks him up for the orthodontist and I agreed, but filled her in on the fact that he yells and argues with me for 2 hours before hand and then is a total bear and what looks like angry when he gets home afterwards. Total emotional overload is what it is, but I’m the lucky one who gets to deal with the ‘blast’!

They also finally know that the oldest, A, is having a heck of a time trying to manage in school, he has enough anxiety still that he can’t get a job. He’s scared silly of going off to school after grad and life in general. He wants to ‘stay home’ for a year and work before going away to school. I get lots of ‘advice’ on that one of course ….

Perhaps now that some of the information is out there people will ‘advise’ us less and just basically be patient or leave it alone. Not that they are always in our business, that’s not what I mean, but well-meaning advice that has nothing to do with the facts added to an already overloaded plate can become very stressful for us but also for the kids!

Did nothing on Sunday and today we have lunch with the Bear’s side of the family. We weren’t going to take anything but the Bear got a text a few days ago at 3 am where He was ‘voluntold’ to bring a fruit tray and drinks …. He was not happy for a few different reasons but decided to take the high road instead of starting a problem over fruit!

That’s about it for now, finishing up my coffee and got to go get everyone out of bed. No one is feeling very good to be honest, colds and what not, not sure if we’re even going to make it to lunch! I guess we’ll see!

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating and happy Monday to everyone else!




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