Maybe there IS hope!

When I was younger I absolutely hated reading, it was not my thing and I would put off reading anything from school until the very last minute. I don’t know what it was exactly, too tedious, too long, too many other things on my mind to concentrate!

The only thing worse than reading for me was writing! I would ‘pace’ back and forth in my mind never knowing what to write, how to start, what to say. Nothing ever seemed interesting or important enough I guess. Looking back on it now I would guess it was just lack of confidence, worry.

Now a days I can read a novel in a weekend and I write on 3 sites, most often daily.

I used to be painfully shy as well, eyes down, voice so soft most people thought I never spoke at all. Forget wallflower, if I could have been absorbed right into the paper would have been best!

Now a days, well I don’t think anyone would ever guess that! It started a very long time ago, this change and I have only gotten stronger and stronger. Did you see what I wore to the concert? *chuckle* Obviously being seen is no longer an issue.

The boys are very much like me in all those areas except they have much more information in their minds than I ever did. When you get them talking you can see just how much really is stored in those brains of theirs. My efforts were divided between learning and survival, there was no supportive parent at home even though perfect marks were expected, trying to get to the library for a project was an ordeal and the guilt of ‘putting them out’ was never-ending! My kids don’t have to worry about that.

If the boys really are that much like their mom than their future could be even brighter than mine. Now that IS hopeful indeed.

I try not to dwell on the problems, I try to focus on the possibilities.

Time for coffee, happy Tuesday!





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