I am no victim

Of all the things I have been through and concurred the one thing that holds true for all of them is that I have never felt a victim. Why? Well mostly because I refuse to.

I don’t want or need people to ‘feel sorry’ for what I have encountered in life, as far as I’m concerned it has only made me stronger and wiser and better prepared to deal with life and all its ups and downs.

I’m not immune to feelings because I am human but the truth is that I don’t dwell on negative emotions and I very rarely hold on to anything past writing it out here. Once it clears my finger tips the weight lessens and I move on.

How do you do that you ask? Practice, determination, logic and sheer stubborn will!

I’ve also had enough life experience to not sweat the small stuff and not get caught up in bull sh*t! What do I consider small stuff? Anything that hasn’t put me 6 feet under …. 

‘Me’ is all I can really control anyway, and once I decide where I want to go and what I want to be no one can change that but me.

Why am I happy everyday regardless of what goes on around me? Because I choose to be. *wink*

My past made me this strong, I’m not sorry for me, you don’t need to be either.





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