Christmas time again!

Christmas time is always interesting for me, like most people I suppose, but it seems to bring back memories/ideas that really do just simmer quietly in the back ground for the rest of the year. The Christmas/winter songs being one reason. When I first had kids one of the things that I did was read … Continue reading Christmas time again!

People, again ….. ! *sigh*

I had a good long conversation with the oldest last night, finally put a couple of things together. See for the 2 weeks prior to this mess blowing up I could do nothing to get him up and out of bed, I couldn't get him to go to school and I couldn't get him to … Continue reading People, again ….. ! *sigh*

OH, my child!

Remember when I posted about genius kids making the most stupid mistakes? LoL Yeah, it's totally like that! Let's just say that if this was April 2018 he would be in jail right about now. Cripes!! See my kid(s) are very smart and one thing commonly found in intelligent people is a very dark and … Continue reading OH, my child!