I will not go quietly!

A few months ago I decided to take some time off work and focus on me. The idea being that I could get caught up on medical appointments, figure out what’s going on hopefully with myself physically and take a break mentally as well.

The boys were to be in school and I would have days to myself, a handful of hours to just regroup and recharge! Read, exercise and even relax or catch up with friends. You know, be a real person! LoL

Another hope was to be a bit naughty! Shed the responsibility of the every day and play ‘hooky’ with my One and only perhaps a couple of days per month! No work, nowhere to be, pretend to be teenagers and just do whatever our hearts desired, for a few hours anyway …… sounds awesome doesn’t it?

What really happened was that I ended up having one child home from school, after a few weeks of trying it was decided to go another route and he is now home til February! So much for playing hooky!

Shortly after that I ended up working part-time, so much for the complete break but it was still something.

As of yesterday I now have both kids home until February! Do you know how ‘easy’ it is to get two teens who don’t actually have to leave the house motivated to do school work? So much for the mental break!

Instead of shedding some responsibility and just reconnecting with myself and my Man I get to be even more bogged down with new issues to figure out and deal with and new work to add to my plate!

I find myself laughing at my current situation, even if it is rather wryly! *smirk* There’s that dark humour again.

By the time February rolls around and they are hopefully both back in school I will be back to work full-time and all the ‘fun’ I was hoping for will be just another fantasy waiting to come true. 13658621_243863709334169_421203826_n

So I am laughing at myself but I will not go quietly! I will find a way to take time for me and I will take advantage of every single small opportunity along the way until I do. 17 1/2 years and counting but damn it I WILL have some time alone with just the Bear! I just haven’t quite put in enough time yet I guess …






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