People, again ….. ! *sigh*

I had a good long conversation with the oldest last night, finally put a couple of things together. See for the 2 weeks prior to this mess blowing up I could do nothing to get him up and out of bed, I couldn’t get him to go to school and I couldn’t get him to stay at school on the few days that he did leave the house.

I knew there was something going on but I couldn’t figure out the trigger. I thought perhaps it was the graduation talk and planning that was starting to become overwhelming and stressful. Whatever it was, the signs we certainly showing a slow drop into a depressed state! Now I know why!

It seems that his English teacher had taken it upon herself to purposefully poke and prod him day in and day out to share his opinions on topics so she could then basically argue with him all period long. It seems that he had tried to opt out of the discussion time and time again and she wouldn’t let it drop. Once he would engage her in conversation she was full of ‘looks’ to the class and rude comments about his thoughts and beliefs. Nice right?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I didn’t know about this. It certainly explains why he all of a sudden went from going to school and full of life to all of a sudden not getting out of bed and basically not engaging in life, period! This is not the first time either, it happens all the time with people who are obviously too insecure to let him have his thoughts and ideas when they don’t ‘fit’ the norm!

An adult prodding a child to get them going and then blaming him for it ….. really? All because he’s smarter and faster thinking than anyone in that darn place. We may have made strides as a society in some aspects but the idea of fearing what we don’t understand and trying to ‘kill it’ seems to be well and strong!

I know it’s not just his say so because by the end of the last class this happened in she felt the need to see him privately and ‘kiss and make up’ for the whole fiasco! There must have been some guilt there or I’m sure she wouldn’t have approached him, to bad that part she didn’t do in front of the entire class!

Not all teachers are like this but I admit I really am starting to wonder what kind of ‘shit show’ it is they are running over there! f063953db42bdd5f38c664fb8c169686--hate-people-charles-bukowskiI have counselled him that the next time someone tried to push him like this and refuses to let it go he is to indicate to them that he is uncomfortable with the conversation and needs it to stop and if they don’t he is to go to the principal, asap. I have tried to explain to him that they are purposefully ‘goating’ him to get beyond just annoyed and step into the emotional which is where he than looks like ‘the bad guy’ or at least just as guilty as they are.

This is not the first time, this is not the last time I’m sure but hopefully next time he will tell me first. I now have two kids home because the adults in their lives can’t handle the fact that they are bright, outside the box thinkers who don’t act like everyone else and don’t like to follow blindly. I have two teens who have a hard time respecting those who do not deserve it ….. I have two boys just like their mother, what can I say, it might be time to kick some ass.

People still can’t accept the fact that some of us see the world differently, we don’t need to be ‘fixed’, we don’t need to fit in, we don’t want to! With all this bullshit about inclusion and acceptance why can’t we be left alone too? out of place

Like I said, probably for the best that I wasn’t the one at that meeting, probably …..






7 thoughts on “People, again ….. ! *sigh*

      1. I am blessed to be in a different boat now. Think of my recent post titled “VIN-dictive”, I am now in a position in life that allows me to take the fight to them as the need arises and the situation dictates. I try to avoid that route but I typically only need to do it once.

        Maybe I need to humiliate his teacher and then offer to visit again as the need arises.


      2. I only wish he had told me sooner instead of after the fact. The Bear and I had this conversation just last night, if I had known they would have found me sitting in the back of the class just waiting to see where she went with it.

        This rabbit’s got horns and she isn’t afraid to use them. We will see where things go from here, but having a beagle by my side might be fun too! *chuckle* Imagine their surprise at that!


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