Just dinner

If you have mental health issues you are trying to navigate, don't read this. If you have well-meaning, caring parents who are trying to help you, don't read this. If you are getting what you need in regards to your mental health and you still get on with your parents, don't read this. Tic toc, … Continue reading Just dinner


Sometimes you need help.

There are times in everyone's lives when they need help, whether you have a diagnosed mental health problem or not. If you have feelings of suicide or urges to self harm, get help! If you feel paralyzed by fear or anxiety, get help! If you suffer from an all-consuming feeling of sadness, get help! If … Continue reading Sometimes you need help.


Some days I need to try very hard not to let anger over take me. When I think about how we started down this road with the youngest and all the trouble and trauma that has come from that one person .... One person holds much more power than most people understand. One person really … Continue reading Unfair