Sometimes you need help.

There are times in everyone’s lives when they need help, whether you have a diagnosed mental health problem or not.

If you have feelings of suicide or urges to self harm, get help!

If you feel paralyzed by fear or anxiety, get help!

If you suffer from an all-consuming feeling of sadness, get help!

If you’re not sure if you need help, get help!

Life now is full of complications and the younger generation has it harder than ever before. If your child or teen is asking, listen to them, get help!

You are not alone, look around, check out the boards around your school counselors office. There are pamphlets with hot lines and websites.  Google it!

For all the harm this 24/7 connection can do let it be used for good as well. Even our little town has web services and even anonymous texting ….

Don’t let the stigma of others stop you from getting help. It’s your life, you are worth it.

Get Help!

**Sometimes I read things that make me sad, and set me off on a mission. This is one of those times. Even my child thought he couldn’t ask for help.

If you don’t feel right, if you think you might need help, get it. You can do it anonymously, no matter your age. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.**



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