They just couldn’t do it, not today anyhow.

The youngest didn’t even make it out of the car in the morning. He was shaking and irritable and just beside himself once they got into the parking lot. The good news, he got up and dressed and in the car!

The oldest got into the school, managed to get his new schedule and then just couldn’t stay in class.Ā  He’s been quiet, but I had a feeling he was panicking, I guess I was right. His girlfriend even came in this morning early to walk with him so he would have some support. Neither her or the Bear could get him into class. He says he will go tomorrow ….

I think it may be time to change his medications. His mood seems to have stabilized and the depression, mostly gone but there is definitely a lot of anxiety going on and I don’t think his current medication handles that.Ā  I’ll give him a few days and then try the subject again, could be first day jitters I suppose. (Look at me, trying to be optimistic and all. I’m laughing too beagle!)

On the topic of medications, the youngest finally decided to give his anti anxiety medication a chance! Up until now he has been completely against the idea, I think he has read one too many of those stories from people who think they know what they’re talking about. You know the stigma and ranters that go on about mental health! *sigh*

I think this morning’s attack and the fact that he still couldn’t get himself to leave the car was the final straw, he is ready now to try to be free from this crippling fear …. He did make it in to the school after lunch, just to put his things in his locker and test that the lock still works, he and Dad took a tour to see where the classes were and that was enough for today. This is the first time he has been in the school since last June!

One starts to move forward, the other drops back …. and so here we go again!





9 thoughts on “Nope!

  1. There is always beauty and humor if you wish to see it.

    Get up at o’dark-thirty and head out to a structure fire. It’s hot, dirty, thankless work when you’d rather be asleep. But, if you stop and notice, the fire’s light gives everything a beautiful glow. You just have to be willing to see it.

    Good luck ma’am.


      1. LoL indeed! I was set to bolt this land when I graduated but then I met the Bear, little did I realize He was a Polar Bear and refused to leave!! UGH *chuckle*


  2. We made it through this day nijntje. We are going in the right direction. I am feeling good about what was accomplished today…any step forward is good. Hopefully this was only a hiccup for the oldest. One more step out of the darkness.šŸ˜€ Love you.

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