Beware! (humour)

Just a cautionary reminder to everyone in the Great White North!

Please beware of the ‘Northern Domestic House Toddler’

Their chubby cheeks and full mouth of newly acquired pearly whites are just a ruse to lure you in.

Don’t let the happy-go-lucky nature fool you, they are simply waiting for the right moment to cause the massive amounts of destruction and mayhem of which they are capable!

The smiles and giggles are a farce! Their willingness to help clean up the plastic set of bowling pins you were just playing with is just a lure …. for the moment to strike!

Just as you go down to help pick up the toys they will jump up with excitement and joy and knock you up side your head with that weapon they now hold in their cute but dangerous little chubby fingers!!!

black eye

This has been a public service announcement! *chuckle*

He got me pretty good I’d say! The Bear asked in passing if I was going to cover it up with makeup, I suppose I should be ‘worried’ about it or something but honestly I really don’t care. I don’t wear makeup as it is and well, I guess as far as actual problems go this is just not one. As far as I’m concerned this is just a good entry for a joke!

‘You should see the other guy! Knee high to a grasshopper and cute as a button! Dangerous I tell yah …!’ *chuckle*

It’s not too bad other than the fact that yes it is as sore and tender as it looks, and a bit swollen still making any movement or touch a bit painful. I happen to sleep on that side so the first night was especially difficult.

Just another day …. !





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