I'm just gettin' down with Mr. Keith today, getting just a bit more wind in my sails while I tackle the chores ahead of me. Well it all started with the idea that 'I ain't as good as I once was ...'! LoL The Bear took it from there and grabbed the CD. I think … Continue reading Priorities

Stubborn much?

You know that feeling you get when someone tells you, you 'can't'? That feeling in your stomach that says 'the h3ll I can't'! *chuckle* As of last night not only am I dealing with the aches and pains, the after math of dogs, the broken dishwasher, now 19 people for dinner, rearranging furniture to suit, … Continue reading Stubborn much?


My hands are swollen and they hurt, I can barely move them, I can't make a fist. My feet are now following suit, they have sore swollen spots here and there, it hurts to walk on them. The rest of my body/joints just ache. Once in a while I lose the ability to even stand, … Continue reading Hurt

Tuesday …..

Some days a bunny just wants to sit in the grass and watch the trees sway. Some days a bunny really has no need for people. Those days seem to come more and more often .... Cheers! ~n