Well, that’s Monday!

After a very busy day of work it was time to try to steam clean the rugs! What a mess … ugh

I have scrubbed them by hand and put the shag rug outside to dry up before I can even start to work on that! I’m not trying to turn it into a paste, I’m trying to get rid of as much as possible and then clean the rest. It was so bad it’s still wet even though I got off as much as I could this morning, What a pain!

So here I am, scrub brush in hand, bucket full of now dirty water and ready to use the steam cleaner for an all over scrub. Get the hot hot water in, soap ready, start the machine and ….. NOTHING!

Is this for real? I just used the darn thing a month ago, it worked just fine. Now with the house a disaster and Easter to be hosted in just a couple of weeks it stops! Really?? LoL Isn’t that always the way?

I guess we’ll be off to find a new steam cleaner … or new rugs! I let the Bear have the choice! *giggle*

It’s a wonderful day to be alive! *grin*

The fact that I can concentrate on rugs and steam cleaners and not have to worry about someone’s mental state and whether or not they will be okay does not escape me. This is just regular life stuff!

This means that we/they are doing okay! 😀

So I’m sitting here with a glass of red, waiting on the stew that’s cooking and writing ….

Happy Monday indeed!






5 thoughts on “Well, that’s Monday!

  1. Sounds like you’re living the life lol. You can only laugh at this point! Buy her the rugs Bear. A woman can only clean so much lol. Try to enjoy what’s left of your Monday!😀

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