TGI Friday Eve! *chuckle*

For all of you waiting with bated breath ….. we got a new steam cleaner, not rugs! LoL Not rugs yet anyway, we’ll see what happens with this medium shag one.

The combination of cleaning and scrubbing rugs and working full days has kind of knocked me one! I’m doing my best to stay out of trouble but sometimes simply moving causes issues. What can I say, such is life.

My back is not too happy with me and my knees are taking turns deciding who is going to be the ‘pain’! *chuckle* Let’s just say that by the end of the day I’m fairly well spent, by the end of the week, well …… Perhaps I’ll hint at take out tomorrow night! *hint hint* Bear 😀

My right hand has decided to swell up again, mostly fingers but the hand itself is joining in the fun too. The left is not too bad but I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to work the chopping knife, or type for that matter. I guess we’ll see there too.

I finally got frustrated enough to call the doctor again, well actually I have to call for a refill for the youngest but I thought it would be a good time to set something up for me too. Anyway, I called right at the beginning of his 2 week holiday, of course! LoL

I’ll have to call on Monday because we’re running out of pills so I guess it will be wise to set something up for me too. Besides, the Bear has put down His paw and said I need to! Apparently having me hurting and possibly damaging things is not okay with Him! Uh, men! *chuckle* What is a girl to do? *wink*

The last appointment with the specialist ruled a few things out, which was awesome but it didn’t answer anything. I did learn how to best identify and describe what’s going on however so besides the GOOD news of not having the stuff they checked for I did learn some valuable tips for getting the correct information across!

In the mean time, I have been experimenting with some new recipes. I love to cook, especially when I’m in a good space mentally, and having to work full-time again doesn’t leave much prep time! That and the darn hands issues.

I have found some pretty quick and very flavourful  recipes that are fun to make and more fun to eat! Yummm LoL I’m hoping to escape for a week or so once the weather gets nice and I’m planning what food things/items I need to pack! So far the only ‘for sure’ is a new home-made spice rub that I found. *wink* I want to pack my chef’s knife but I’m not sure how that will cross boarders and state lines …. yikes!

I need some R&R!


Wish me luck! LoL





9 thoughts on “TGI Friday Eve! *chuckle*

  1. So, he is the embodiment of hag (albeit male form) eh? See, I could just ignore the ones (rightly) pestering me but I be he can leave a better impression shall we say.


      1. Bearly making an effort but Bear with me as I try harder in the future.

        Thank goodness you don’t consider him “Wombat”. It would be a nightmare to work that in.


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