The media spends so much time on the most ridiculous things and people are always connected, so why do things like this go unnoticed?

The saddest part, this is only one example.

People …. *sigh*


7 thoughts on “Outrageous.

  1. Some truth is unpopular ma’am.

    The US stands in silence because they are an allie. Politicians are silent because the roles are wrong. The media is silent because speech has no profit but would upset the known truths of their cash cows.

    We, as individuals, can only be wrong if we add our silence to the existing den.


  2. Honestly (and a bit sadly) without your posting about it, it’s likely it would have skimmed under my radar here in the United States. Generally, I think of myself as having a pretty good handle on the news, but there are things that happen outside of this country that I don’t always hear about, even though I subscribe to far more than just CNN and the New York Times for my news.

    Even so, I wouldn’t say they go unnoticed, they just don’t get as much volume as they should. That being said, thank you for giving it a push. Sad indeed.

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