How to’s – Leadership

How to be a good leader, brought to you by my 15-year-old. *chuckle* Video game addition: Now both of my boys are extremely smart but the youngest is by far the most mature. That has been obvious since the beginning. Their personalities are very different one from the other and although they obviously share the … Continue reading How to’s – Leadership

Happy Friday!

They say it's a 'dogs life' but I say the cats seem to have it pretty good too! *chuckle* The sun is shining this morning, the Bear is working til noon and the boys are sleeping. Well one is at his GF, but that's another story for another day! I find myself with the extra … Continue reading Happy Friday!


I feel like writing but I'm not sure what about. It's Earth Day, it's a beautiful day here in the Great White North. The weather is warm and the sun is shining. We managed a bonfire, a visit with my brother and a dog walk. THIS is living ... *grin* The youngest is doing really … Continue reading Ramblings


Having a bit better day today as far as energy is concerned so I'll take it! *grin* I have a bit of a runny nose but I can't say for sure if that's the CTD or just the sniffles from these cute petri-dishes I work with, no way to tell. *chuckle* I'm still sore with … Continue reading TGIF!


I feel like I've been 'cleaning house' lately! Roar! Easter and the in-laws .... Not worrying about my family ... Doctors appointments and taking care of me .... Now the kids and their need to 'grow up' .... LoL That was fun!! *wink*