It’s not that at all …

I’ve been trying to open up a bit more here in detail in hopes of 1 – clearing my mind, which is the main reason I write, and 2 – give anyone following a better idea of just what things actually are. I don’t want to be miss leading or all one side or the other. Balance is the key to anything if you ask me and balance is what I’m trying to provide here.

Those of you following get a better idea because you read the posts in succession but I still wanted to make one things clear, my outlook!

Just because my days are hard doesn’t mean that they are not good.

I have a lot of hard days, some of them very hard days BUT I very rarely have a bad day. 🙂

Writing clears my mind, puts some perspective on the issue at hand and helps me to find my way forward. My life is most certainly not roses and sunshine all the time but there is beauty in dandelions and a misty Sunday morning too. *wink* You just need to look for it. 2019287df139b05b5d01d65f0e859f71--dew-drops-rain-drops


Your happiness is your choice, no matter what life does around you. If that wasn’t true than I would be one very miserable bunny! *giggle* I choose not to be, I like being happy, even if I do move a bit more slowly from time to time.




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