The struggle continues! UGH

I went to the doctor last week, Thursday. Today would be one week, one week since he gave me some medication in hopes to help ease some of the pain. With side affects of course ….

One of the possibilities is ‘tiredness’, of course! *chuckle* It’s not such a big deal for the dose at bed time but the one first thing in the morning however, that is another story entirely! It’s been a week now and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open after I take it.

The pain level doesn’t seem to be affected but I’ll let you guys figure out where my patience and diplomacy levels lie ….

The pain is the same but now I’m even more tired and trying to keep my eyes open not to mention ‘fuzzy’ and light-headed.

My best options right now are probably a muzzle, or a gag! Probably both because I’m pretty determined and bunnies bite! LoL

I’ve managed to keep it civilized so far ….. but I’m not making any future promises.

If I drink any more coffee, I’m going to start peeing espresso! :O LoL






11 thoughts on “The struggle continues! UGH

    1. I’ve managed until now but I’m afraid today I need them clenched simply to continue standing …. I’m going to start looking for a swig of whiskey and a bullet to bite on soon!


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