Having a bit better day today as far as energy is concerned so I’ll take it! *grin* I have a bit of a runny nose but I can’t say for sure if that’s the CTD or just the sniffles from these cute petri-dishes I work with, no way to tell. *chuckle*

I’m still sore with every move I make but being awake gives me just that much more energy to deal with it! I’m glad it’s Friday, I know I can use some time to recuperate. Hopefully this is a sign that I’m either acclimating to the new meds or maybe it was just a fluke in timing and they don’t in fact turn me into a walking zombie!!

My finger tips are starting to feel tingly and sore to any touch, I’m not happy about that at all. This is normally the next step before the swelling begins! UGH I’ve been purple and freezing for days now and as the temperature begins to rise so to does the swelling and other issues.

The first picture shows the colour and ‘modelling’ (lacey look/patches) in my skin that makes them think of CTD. If you look closely you can see how one hand has bone structure and tendons you can see and the other is just one smooth mass. That was week two and some of it already on the down turn.

Pictures 2 and 3 show the size difference from one hand to the other. I wish I could say that was a camera trick or something, but no it’s real.

The last one is an attempt at a close up to see the red and swollen bumps that occur on top of the all over swelling! The shiny red and bright areas are the most raised and irritated of the bunch. My hands are already swollen beyond my skin and tissue capabilities, these bits are just on the ridiculous side of the scale. It happens in my feet as well, usually less often but things seem to be ramping up all over. Yay Me!

So it hasn’t even been two weeks and the cycle is starting again. Some of this is the raynaud’s and some of this is what the doctor thinks the rheumatologist needs to take a second look at, he believes there is a bit more to it.

I don’t need to be half asleep trying to walk through life, I can tell you that!

The good news, the boys are stepping up nicely. It’s not perfect and new routines take time to establish but they are listening and they are learning! I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to have them back (mostly) in charge of their own brains. I have ‘MY’ children back, not the hurting souls that mental health issues laid on them.

All in all it’s a very good Friday!




3 thoughts on “TGIF!

    1. That’s my hope. I think the time is right, now … hopefully I’m right about that! I guess we’ll soon see. 🙂 So far no one has gone into a tail spin … all good news.


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