The world needs more understanding, real understanding!

As part of the human race I’m afraid that most of us really are much to self-absorbed. If something hasn’t happened to us specifically or someone close to us, we tend to have no real idea of what it really means. Not only that, but we don’t even bother to take the time to try to understand!
trivialI just used this quote and I’m going to use it again. It’s sad that the smartest creature on this earth is also the least caring and most brutal. That doesn’t make you strong in my opinion, it makes you weak. It makes us all weak for divided we will surely suffer much more than we ever needed to.

Some are well-meaning but the way they try to help is no more helpful than segregation and imprisonment.

I got a panicked call yesterday just as I was finishing up my work day. I couldn’t take the call right then but I did return it just as soon as work was complete. A grandmother dealing with the high school issues of her grandson. He lives with her and her husband because his mother is unable to care for him right now. He has been with them most of his life truthfully. Anyhow …

He goes to the same high school my two attend, well one attends, the other is home again. Over the course of the last few months he has been bullied and targeted at school. Some girl has decided she has it out for him and has begun making his life miserable. (Sounds very familiar) So much so that the poor child was refusing to go to school (again, very familiar).

He wouldn’t say what or how but he was becoming more and more uncomfortable and depressed because of it. Eventually, a couple of weeks ago, some boys at school (under her direction) decided to physically beat this boy, in school. One got suspended for 1 day, the second for 4 days …. The following week they caught him off school property and beat him very brutally. They even took the time to record it!

The boy is refusing to press charges, the police have their hands tied and so does the school. Despite the fact that they are on tape …. there is nothing they can do, and the girl, well she’s not even had a ‘talking to’.

Mine have never been physically assaulted (thank the Lord) but the rest is all too familiar. Now likely suffering from PTSD and depression, anxiety etc. the poor child doesn’t want to go to school, he doesn’t feel safe! The suggestions?

He can do the online adult learning courses (like mine are/were) which are not really meant for a 15-year-old mind, or he can drop his 1st class because this girl is there, go to his second class if she is absent, if not he is to go to the ‘lab’ to work, and stay in from lunch and never even use the washroom without first getting the principle to escort him.

Gramma needs to drop him off at the door for second class and pick him up at the door at the end of day. He will be in effect a prisoner …. he very literally can’t even go pee without an escort. Really!?!?

This is the best we can do for our children?

She called me in hopes of getting some advice on how to navigate the principal, VP and online courses. I told her what I could and hopefully gave her some strength to keep moving forward. She says I helped her greatly, some how I feel there is more to do.


High school, or Dante’s Inferno?

I have a feeling my work is not done.

Our children learn from watching, watching what we do and how we behave. They see if we help our fellow man or if we leave them to fend for themselves. Our children learn compassion and understanding by what we teach. How we react ….

‘The world of social media is going to be the end of us.’ That is what the officer told the grandmother and I’m afraid I agree! We are so consumend by ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ that how we get them seems to be secondary, if even thought of at all.


It’s much easier to make comments and hurt people when you don’t need to look into their eyes and see the damage you are causing.

Shame on us …..





6 thoughts on “The world needs more understanding, real understanding!

      1. An old friend of mine would have said that as a whole we do suck, but we need to look at an individual level to find hope and inspiration … or something like that!
        That’s what keeps me going. I think as individuals we can make a difference, at least I certainly hope so!

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