Chilling trend indeed! A Re-blog

I don’t re-blog on here, I like to have my own material but this is a topic that hits close to home on a few levels.

If you have a child, read this, if you are a teen, preteen or young adult, read this. If you know one, read this!

If you have battled with self harm and want to help others, read this …. If you live in the world as we have it now, read this!

In my last post I mentioned that I agreed that social media might be the end of us ….

By N’dea Yancey-Bragg · November 22, 2017 Cyberbullying is not a new phenomenon. But an alarming number of teenagers are anonymously posting mean things online— about themselves. About 6% of kids from the ages of 12 through 17 have bullied themselves digitally, according to research conducted by Sameer Hinduja, a professor of criminology at Florida Atlantic University and […]

via Cyberbullying’s Chilling Trend: Teens Anonymously Target Themselves Online — Haygood Youth Ministry

4 thoughts on “Chilling trend indeed! A Re-blog

      1. The instances of ‘mental health’ issues of all kinds has skyrocketed, every time I turn around someone is is dealing or helping someone who is dealing.
        This is our new normal! We need to be aware if we have any chance of getting through this in one piece.

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